For general questions or to restart the program after the quarter ended, please text or call the NV CHW Association 775-538-2855

Messaging instructors requires a log-in and is intended to help students complete their coursework.

Students may request grading if they turned the work in a little late, get some career mentorship, ask for help finding resources, or other homework clarification questions.

CHW Instructors & Mentors

Luis Aceves

Bilingual Eng/Span CHW Facilitator
Group Facilitator and Live Classes

Karla Dominguez

Bilingual Eng/Span Facilitator

Monique Lumpkin

CHW Facilitator and Live Instruction

Octavio Posada

Bilingual Eng/Span CHW Instructor
Group Facilitator and Live Classes

Glahnnia Rates

Early Childhood CHW Facilitator

Lisa Godenick

Data Coordinator & CHW Facilitator

Alisa Howard

CHW Instructor, Live Classes

Cody Wagner

Development Coordinator
Mentorship and Employer Support Live Classes

Jay Kolbet-Clausell

Program Director

Jenny Claypool

Network Director
HRSA Rural Health Network Development Grant - RHND Met-S

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